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5 Career Change Challenges & How to Overcome Them


Changing careers can be scary, raising questions about your qualifications, job search strategies, and other practicalities. From creating a new resume to adapting to the changing employment landscape, there are many steps you must take before starting a new career.

Fear of the unknown and change fatigue

Fear of the unknown and change fatigue can be two of the biggest barriers to making a career change. It’s important to acknowledge these feelings and process them before moving forward. To combat the fear of the unknown, seek out reliable sources of information from people in similar professions or industry experts. Engaging in meaningful conversations about career transition can also help give you a better understanding of what lies ahead — as well as help to clarify your expectations. You can also find exemplars of those who have changed careers and not only survived but thrived after doing so.

Finding the Right Fit for Your Skills and Personality

It can be daunting trying to find a job that both fits your skills and allows you to put your personality and passions into action. If you’re having trouble pinpointing specific industries or roles that would be the best fit for your skills and personality, try taking an online career assessment – these tests are designed to help match you up with potential industries, roles and even relevant courses or professional communities.

Strategic Networking to Come up with New Opportunities

Strategic networking is a great way to make new connections, expand your skillset and discover potential career opportunities. Reach out to professionals that work in the field you’re passionate about or are well-connected in the industry. Leverage those connections to set up informational interviews, ask questions and start learning more about positions you might be interested in. Networking can open many doors if you’re willing to take the time to build relationships.

Creating & Maintaining Momentum Throughout the Process

Making a career change can take time and even when things seem to be going your way, it’s still important to stay driven. One of the best ways to maintain momentum is to break your goal down into achievable tasks. Set small goals for yourself each day and don’t forget to make sure you are using all of your available resources. Find people that support what you’re doing and make sure you celebrate each milestone you reach along the way.

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Overcoming Professional Obstacles & Self-Doubt

Changing careers can cause a lot of self-doubt, but it’s important to remember that any progress is progress. Instead of comparing yourself to others, reflect on how much you have achieved and focus on achievable goals that are tailored to your unique situation. It’s important to lean on your support network if you need help or just someone to provide positive feedback throughout this journey. Remember, the only way we grow is to push ourselves out of our comfort zone.

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5 Career Change Challenges & How to Overcome Them - Just Jaz

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