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12 Ways To Grow Your Career

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It’s so important to have a career that is growing and evolving by your own definition.

Are you learning, are you exploring and are you communicating that to others? Here I share 12 practical tips for focusing on your career growth and being intentional with it.

Return to the beginning

Go back to where you discovered your skills, talents and passions as a child. What were you good at? What did you enjoy? What did people say about you?

Lay out the puzzle pieces

Lay it out literally, blank piece of paper with your skills, talents and passions in a messy mind map and see if you can connect the dots and realise forgotten talents. If you like a framework, try looking into IKIGAI

Don’t fear what you don’t know

Google is your friend! Approach your career with curiosity as you are not reinventing the wheel, people have been in your shoes before.

Dare to dream

The puzzle pieces and curiosity may take you somewhere very different from your reality. That’s fine! Don’t limit yourself.

Be the main character

Humblebrag. Brag. Does your CV cast you as the lead or have you put yourself in the background? Make your contribution clear.

Lead the journey

Your career is a car and nobody will drive it if you don’t. Your team mates, manager and clients aren’t mind-readers. Take the time to decide what you want and communicate it. Even if you don’t communicate it the simple act of deciding what you want will make it easier to say no to the things you don’t and that… is a key part of driving your career.

Connect the chapters

I’m speaking to my fellow side-hustlers and portfolio career people. You will always feel messy if you don’t know connect the chapters of your experience, as each transition paint the picture for why you ended and began each role or project. Your career is a journey and although that’s natural for you and I; there are still people who don’t get it. So just make it easy for them and connect the dots.

Don’t forget it

Take the time and effort to remember your challenges, triumphs and everything in between and WRITE IT DOWN. This can become a folder of evidence for the tough days or a great folio for you to interview-prep with.

Put pen to paper

If you do not have a CV, portfolio, LinkedIn Profile or CV website (as appropriate to your career path) GET ONE! Be ready to communicate your career journey at all times. p.s Your LinkedIn is not a replacement for your CV, it’s a shop-window… keep it light and attractive

Practice makes perfect

Practice communicating your value; in a mirror, in meetings, in emails, on twitter and face to face. The more you share it the more comfortable you will be sharing it when you really need to e.g. pitch, interview or negotiation.

Say it aloud

Do not be ashamed, afraid or embarrassed to practice. That annual review, interview, pitch and networking event will become less nerve wracking once you are used to the words leaving your mouth. Find a friend if mirror is too weird-feeling 🙂

Infuse it with feedback

Social proof is the new-age feedback. Have some testimonials on your website, recommendations on your LinkedIn and references available on request. Especially if you find it hard to talk or brag about yourself use the feedback of others to help communicate your value.

If you found this helpful leave a comment and don’t forget to leave a comment! 

12 Ways To Grow Your Career - Just Jaz

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