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100 Incredible Women and Their Entrepreneurship


The gender pay gap is REAL. Women have been in the World of work for just over 100 years and are still evolving how we approach our careers. One thing that we have leapt into is entrepreneurship.

Regardless of our “why” or “how” we are deciding we want more and growing our careers through becoming entrepreneurs.

I’m passionate about these women and realise that they didn’t come to-be overnight! Each of the women featured here are like you and I, we had an idea and we made a move on it. It is my sincere hope that as you scroll through the different women alongside their “why” that you find inspiration and are empowered to make a move on the business idea on your vision board.

Charlotte Simonsen, Founder of Witchin

Graphic Designer at Ticketmaster + Founder of Witchin

My side hustle Is a witchy goth brand called Witchin. It’s an all-round supportive brand that is supportive of everyone being themselves. Here I sell prints, t-shirts, accessories and home décor that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Witchin had been going for almost three years and in that time I have sold over 10,000 products all around the world, worked with popular influencers and work on ideas and products I always dreamed of!

“There is nothing like being your own boss and making every decision without the ideas diluting having to go through multiple departments. Making the products that I want to see in the world and make them come to life. There is nothing more empowering than that!” . @witchinstore .

Nikki Adebiyi, Founder of BounceBlack

Freelance Writer & UX Researcher + Founder and curator-in-chief at Bounce Black

The insights and skills I developed from working as a User Researcher and Community Lead at a fintech startup helped me build a platform for my passion project Bounce Black. Bounce Black exists to provide safe and stretching community to those who are navigating mental health & trauma while building a career.

Through curated content and meaningful merchandise, Bounce Black aims to encourage people to break both cycles and ceilings, and leave a holistic legacy for future generations. . . IG: @nikkibiyi . IG: @ibounceblack

 Jess Golding, Bootcamp coach at Burpees and Brunch

Product Manager at MyTutor + Bootcamp coach at Burpees and Brunch

Lockdown was a struggle for many people and for many reasons, but one of the things that kept coming up time and time again was the lack of personal connection. We missed our families, we missed our friends, we missed our colleagues – hell, we even missed our yoga teachers! I felt it too; for the best part of three months I only had myself and the four walls of my living room for company and let me tell you, boy was it tough. One of the only things that kept me sane during this time was the zoom workouts I’d run with friends and colleagues. Not only did it provide some semblance of structure to my week, but it fed my need for human connection, camaraderie, and community. 

Maria-Liisa Brukert, Sqin Co-Founder

To me, it’s the people that you’re surrounded by that make exercise so rewarding. “Finding your tribe” means motivating each other, encouraging each other, and pushing each other to go that tiny bit harder/faster/longer than you would have on your own. I’d found mine virtually, but wanted to extend that into the real, tangible world. Which is exactly why I created Burpees and Brunch. Not only as a killer workout, but as a space to connect with others, make friends, share stories, and eat some DAMN GOOD FOOD. I realised that I didn’t want to start just another bootcamp. I wanted to start a community. Burpees & Brunch is designed to bring together the oddballs, the misfits, and the freaks who say YES to Sunday alarm clocks, say HELL YES to burpee tabatas, and say absolutely nothing when the waiter asks “say when? . IG: @burpees.brunch . Linkedin

Maria-Liisa Bruckert, Siemens AG, Smart Infrastructure Global + SQIN, Co-founder

When you look beyond the boundaries of the industry, you find the future” Everyday I wake up to take on world changing challenges. After studying electrical engineering in China and now working 8 years at Siemens I do wanted to solve a holistic problem for almost all women.

Therefore I am passionate to make the most out of my skills and developed an mobile application that is using several machine learning algorithm to have the ability to do a skin scan and find the best suitable beauty products based on the analyzed skin and the best matching ingredients. 

As an evangelist by heart i am really proud to get the opportunity to use the knowledge siemens taught me over the past years to support the transformation to well being for all women’s health. My principle is to always give back  and look beyond boundaries to create a better future. Sharing is caring. .

Louise Bartlett, UX Designer/User Researcher + Yoga Teacher

I teach Yoga for Menopause workshops to support women in their 40s & 50s who are going through perimenopause or menopause. I’m going through it right now, so I want to support other women, too! I offer a specially adapted yoga practice, breath work and meditation exercises to help manage some symptoms of menopause: hot flushes, anxiety, night sweats, irritability, insomnia, fatigue, brain fog, low libido, low mood, etc. . @_louisebartlett . Linkedin

Awura-adjua Eshun, Student + Jeweller

I’m a jeweller (self taught) and I make custom grillz (gold teeth). I also carry out jewellery repairs and restorations. I’m also currently teaching myself how to design jewellery using CAD! I started my business because I got a grill a few years ago and the company took ages to get it done. So I though I could probably do this myself… Long story short I taught myself how to make grillz from watching videos and reading dental publications and here I am 3 years later with a whole business! I’ve always loved jewellery and I love making things so it’s perfect! . @17jewellers

Renata Miranda, Freelance writer & PR professional + Founder & Editor at Read a Girl.

Anyone who knows me can tell you I’m a book person. Wherever I go I bring at least one book with me – an actual physical book. For the most part of my life as a reader, however, I was oblivious to the fact that most of my favourite authors were men. I never really took notice of this up until the beginning of 2016 when two close friends of mine invited me to start a reading club devoted only to women authors since they felt they were not reading as many works by women as they were by men. My first reaction was doubt. I thought, “Oh, FOR SURE this was not my case!” I set myself up to start reading more women and documented my findings on a Facebook page that later developed into a monthly newsletter and an Instagram profile.

It is my passion project. Its main goal is to spread through the waves of the internet words written by these amazing women that helped me understand the world and myself a little bit better.

@readagirl . @r_miranda

Laura Jenkins, Self-Employed, Owner and Head of PR at Your Forte + Voiceover Artist

After COVID-19 impacted the music industry in a monumental way, and crippled my music business, a friend suggested I give voiceover work a go through Fiverr to keep the bills paid. I started a couple of months ago and have already voiced corporate projects for Mitsubishi Tractors, YouTube videos for channels with more than 35k followers, and explainer for upcoming brands like Thrunotes and Perfocal, as well as a children’s books, and many other smaller projects. I have been taken on by an agency, turned over more than $1200 last month, and now have the bug! It turns out I’m okay at it, with 100% 5-star ratings on Fiverr.

Jasmine, UX Researcher at Farewill + Babes on Waves Founder

After growing up insecure as a teenage, I wanted to create a world where women everywhere are fearless and unapologetic, and inspire young girls to fully love and accept themselves for who they are. Babes on Waves exists to help millennial & gen-z women create the lives they want, by giving them the tools & support needed to build confidence in themselves and their businesses.

@babesonwavesclub .

Dre, Freelancing for various clients in marketing,website mgmt and translations + Founder of Sisu Socks

I love socks and empowering women <3 . Sisu socks – sock designs inspired by amazing women, 10% of sales goes back to a women’s empowerment project. . @sisusocks .

Tanaka Chingoka, Project Coordinator, At Home Support Services + Experience Collector

As an obsessed new experience collector, my passion is to slowly explore North London and beyond. For me, this often means solo. Here I take my audience with me on a journey of style, photography and adventure. From showcasing how to self-photograph on streets of Reykjavik, to helping you style for your next trip to Positano and providing the best places to dine in Venice. I am your visual travel mood board.

The mission is to change the way women travel, focusing on accessibility and safety. After showcasing my solo adventures, 2018 birthed Tanaka Travels group trips. Every year I host a women- only group trip, It’s curated for bringing together a community of travellers who share a curiosity about the world around us. Our journeys feature personal interactions with local communities, cultures, arts, music and food. Like you, they love new adventures with new friends, exploring the unfamiliar, and enjoy sharing stories. . @tanakatravels . Youtube

Eliza Legzdina, Artist manager + Poet, Artist, Event Curator, and Community Organizer

Because hosting safe spaces where people can perform is important to me. Everyone deserves to be heard, and poetry is a form of art therapy that can’t be silenced. . @legzdinae .

Emma Denney [ALUMNI], Vocal Editor – Self Employed

My side hustle is double sided. I recently entered the scary world of the self employed as a vocal editor working on other people’s music and making their vocals sound professional. This started out as a side hustle to my previous employment as a sound editor in the film industry. During COVID, my vocal editing work really took off (it seems that anyone making music had a lot more time to make more of it during lockdown!) and now I pretty much scrape a full time wage from it. So my current side hustle to my side hustle, is that I am also a singer songwriter – my artist name is Denney, and I have been writing songs since the age of about 11 or so. Because of my background in audio engineering, I have developed the skills to be able to record my own music in my spare time and have been releasing songs since the end of last year.

Songwriting is my true passion and the thing I most love to do. I’ve always come back to it when things have been up and down in my life, it’s the one constant that I’ve always had. But I’d never shared my songs with anyone or seen it as a thing to ‘make happen’. I realised last year that if I didn’t start doing something about that, then I never would, and I’d always regret seeing if it could turn into something great. So my ‘mission’ is simply to share my songs with the world and connect with people in a way that artists I look up to connect with me through their music. . @denneymusicuk .

Emily Button-Lynham [Alumni], Career and Life coach @ Emily Button Creative

I started my coaching business to help, support and inspire women to re-define what success meant to them and to create a clear life vision and make it happen. I set up my own business after working for 9 years in the corporate world and wanted to create something that I was passionate about and that enabled me to work on my own terms! . @emilybuttoncreative .

Natalie Scott, Fashion Stylist at Mr Porter + Money Mindset and savings coach

Money Mindset and Savings Coach. I educate, elevate and empower millennials and gen z to pay themselves first, save and banish limiting beliefs. I offer courses, group and 1:1 consultations.

I like to see people win and become financially literate. Money isn’t a bad thing and it dare not be a taboo. I want young people to have control over their finances and not the other way around. My why is simple, to empower as many people as possible and get them walking into their abundance. . @nataliescottempowers .

Niove Louca, Fashion Retail Assistant + Menswear & Womenswear designer

During lockdown I started making and selling my own custom made non medical face masks. I started a new Instagram page so people could place their orders and my little business began. All my masks are unique and the design and colour combinations are chosen by the customer, making each one personal to them. All my masks are made out of unwanted and donated garments and fabric scraps, making them all sustainable. I kept waste at a minimum as all the masks are made to order, making sure that there are no unwanted masks left over.

As a creative specialising in fashion, I like to keep busy working on personal projects. I saw a demand for face masks and that people didn’t like the disposable ones so I decided to use my sewing skills to provide reusable masks. The fashion industry creates so much harmful waste, therefore I wanted to create something that can be washed and reused. There was also a demand for aesthetically pleasing masks, so custom made with a choice of colours and patterns was appealing. Starting my side business has kept me busy and motivated during a very isolated and uncertain time. . @nioveloucadesigns .

Rhyana Ebanks-Babb, Independent Advocate, POhWER + Self healing coach and workshop facilitator

I believe that people are able to build an unshakable armour of resilience when they have the right tools to see them through life. Being able to triumph over real life battles is something I have supported people with for over 10 years and it has always been my calling. Whether to understand the behaviour and thinking of an individual or to support groups and families in finding solutions for change, resilience is at the heart of it all and my experience helps those who need it the most.

I support people to build resilience from within by helping to improve their self esteem, self image, self worth and self confidence by equipping them with self help and healing tools and strategies. . @plann.weg . Linkedin

Lu Williams, Educational Facilitator + Comedian

Following a Suicide attempt in 2014, I realised it wasn’t my time yet so I tried out the childhood dream in order to make the world a happier place and speak about sensitive topics in a humorous way.


Maria Elizabeth Cummins, UCL APPLE Tree Project Workshop facilitator on behalf of The Third Age Project + Founder of Disability Business Hub

The idea for Disability Business Hub came about due to my own personal experiences of struggling to run my food business, while also trying to manage my health issues. I wanted to network with other business owners who had health issues or disabilities. I could not find what I was looking for, so I created it. According to the DWP (2019) self employment rates are higher amongst people with disabilities or health issues, however, for a variety of reasons, they face significant problems surviving the start-up stage and sustaining the business. My background is in occupational therapy, so I’ve always had a passion for helping others and believing that solutions can be found. I wanted to find a way to offer support to others in a similar situation to myself.

Disability Business Hub is a supportive and inspiring online community for people with any kind of health issue or disability who are self employed or running their own business. I support business owners by using Disability Business Hub as a platform for them to share their stories. This allows them to advertise their business, and raise awareness of their health issue or disability. Some of the stories also include information on how they manage their health issue or disability. I also share helpful posts related to self care, chronic illness, disability, and business.


Candace Meade, Music supervisor at Netflix + Founder of Komun

My second job is as an entrepreneur and the founder of Komun. About Komun: Komun’s mission is to explore new ways of cultivating community for BIPOC creatives. Through exchanging stories, breaking bread, and collaborating on artistic solutions, Komun provides a framework for professional development and personal support.

You create your best when you feel your best. As someone who has struggled with finding the necessary resources within my budget, it is imperative to have spaces and events that focus on marginalized communities and offer an intentional space to heal and grow that are not cost prohibitive. BIPOC creatives are often underserved by not having the network and community support to help them grow into their best creative self. Their secondary challenge is while they believe in working on their physical, mental, and creative health, they may not have the financial resources to pay for everything. By centralizing creative and wellness resources, I hope to holistically address their needs. By having a tiered price point, I hope to help reduce (or ideally remove) the financial challenges.

@shinygoldobjects .

Shalini Seneviratn, Senior Global Marketing Manager + Founder & CEO of Wildpatch

In a world of constant movement, constant distraction I created Wildpatch to be a refuge, a place of authenticity to embrace the wilderness and what it provides. To bring spirituality back to beauty. To make it a ritual, give it a sense of purpose. From my roots in South Asia to bring beauty & wellness rituals to the modern woman who believes in a kind of mindful self care that is rooted in holistic wellness. Wildpatch is a range of food grade skin & hair care products designed to nourish, reset and rebalance your body. . @wildpatch .

Kiran Singh, Empowerment & Lifestyle Coach + Blogger & Interior Designer

Before I became an Empowerment & Lifestyle Coach, I was an Interior Designer, I turned this part into a side hustle by offering online design service, blog and courses as I love it. . @kiransinghuk

Chloe Rodriguez, Business Development at Teamtailor + Founder of The Scent

After spending so much money on candles during lockdown, I noticed that most leading candles are made from paraffin wax, which produce potentially harmful toxins and carcinogens. After finding that soy was an alternative, I decided to learn the science behind candle-making and launched The Scent – a way to enjoy home fragrances without the nasties!

I have a home fragrance business, The Scent – which is composed of scented soy candles and reed diffusers, all of which are hand-poured by myself in London. They are completely vegan, sustainable and cruelty-free! . @thescenthome

 Shadae, Credit Specialist & Coach

I’m a Licensed Practical Nurse[LPN] for a private clinic + Credit specialist & coach

I started this because I wanted to normalize the idea of young homeowners. Most people believe that they have to be in their 30s or 40s to purchase a home. I wanted to kill that stigma being that I purchased my dream home at the age of 25 and my dream car 6 months later just by bettering my credit.

I own Devoted Solutions and Repair, LLC, where I am a board certified credit specialist and credit coach. I help millennials get rid of credit shame so that they can easily & effortlessly expand their purchasing power to live the life they’ve always wanted. I will soon be offering Business Credit Building where I will help the budding entrepreneur and online creative establish credit to increase the value of their companies for future investors. . @devotedsolutions

Annie Bonsall, Occupational therapist, Health for All Leeds Ltd + Life coach

I am a life coach specialising in energy optimisation using elements from neuroscience, positive intelligence, psychology and a whole person perspective, drawing out the inherent wisdom of my clients.

Not content with working within the constraints of the NHS but loving working with people in a therapeutic and meaningful way, I found coaching to be the missing element. In my coaching I am able to take the time and really work with the whole person, their values and beliefs and help them to achieve their dreams.

Menstrual cycle awareness changed the way I see and approach myself and my own life, meaning I am now able to honour my body’s natural rhythms and optimise the powers of each phase of my cycle. Knowing this approach works I now bring this into my coaching and have fantastic results. My vision is of a world where the menstrual cycle is celebrated as the tool to self care and self knowledge that it can be, and that we are educated about this from a young age. I would love to end the taboo of periods being a curse or a nuisance and celebrate them as an inner guide to essential information about health and much, much more. . .

Rhian Morallee, Employment Lawyer at Brandsmiths + Co-Founder at Pursuit of Growth

Having spent years advising and empowering individuals and businesses in commercial settings, I saw a discord between what education offers and what the world of world seeks. Our mission is to connect the two at the start of a young persons working career rather than struggle for direction or they are directed to a leadership course. Through my legal experience, I have gained over 20 years’ of knowing what employers want, what skills help, delivering training in this area and am keen to pass this on to younger generations to enable them to be happier in their choices, aligning their passions and purpose in everyday life and assisting them in being the best that they can be, from an early age – whatever that may be.

We, at Pursuit of Growth, bridge the gap between education and the workplace, we use our unique formula combining foundations of wellbeing with three pillars of knowledge, empower and connection, supporting individuals to more easily cope with the inevitable challenges of life. We believe that introducing these skills in at an early age, increases wellbeing, productivity, happiness and life satisfaction encouraging individuals to be the best that they can be. . @pog.pursuitofgrowth .

Vanessa Woodgate, Head of Web Production at Telegraph (Partnerships team) + Co-founder & content creator at Brunch n Grind

Brunch n Grind is on a mission to get people moving by finding a form of exercise that makes them feel good. To help solve the mystery of work/life balance through wellness rituals, self care tips, holistic therapies and meditation and also to bring Londoners the best brunch recommendations across the capital! It’s all about helping our community to feel their best in mind, body and soul. . @brunchgrind . @vanessawoodgate .

Sarah Jordan, Digital Transformation Strategist, self-employed + Founder and CEO of Y.O.U underwear, sustainable underwear brand

I run an ethical underwear brand. We make sustainably-sourced organic cotton underwear for men and women. It’s all Fairtrade, vegan and GOTS certified, we’re plastic free and minimising our waste, support body positivity and confidence with ethical marketing, and we donate two pairs of underwear for every pair we sell.

I went to Uganda in 2016 and discovered the problems faced by women and girls who don’t have access to underwear. As well as the obvious health and hygiene issues, it means they can miss 25% of their education (or employment) when they’re unable to attend, particularly during their periods. When I looked into providing and manufacturing underwear, I discovered the harm caused by conventional cotton and the wider fashion industry, so decided to tackle both. We therefore only use organic cotton, source sustainably and help provide underwear to people that don’t have it with every purchase. We’re trying to change the world one pair of pants at a time! . @youunderwearuk .

Patience Modevi, Compliance Officer Transport For London + Founder of Otentikcare & OtentikOptions

I am on a mission to elevate others through kindness to self, self love, self appreciation and most of all share more happiness and love all around as cliche as it sounds.

I am a multi-hyphen entrepreneur and currently have 3 side hustle. I support people to work on their wellness and wellbeing with the platform Otentikcare, I support corporate and people getting married in all things event with OtentikOptions and recently I am supporting young people from minority ethnic backgrounds to work on their personal branding. . @Otentikcare

Mary Agbesanw, Management consultant at PwC UK + Co-run the Now You’re Talking Network

Our mission; To support female millennials to access opportunities and resources that will help them level up personally and professionally.

@millennialmarya . .

Ronke Oladele, Refugee and Migrant Practictionner ,The Childrens Society + Founder of Anchorise C.I.C

Anchorise C.I.C is a social enterprise centred around holistically empowering young women through education in Africa, through the sale of backpacks and side bags. I am originally from Nigeria and I have grown up witnessing disenfranchised children miss opportunities because their families did not have the resources to keep them in education. Anchorise was born in 2017, I went to Nigeria to run an empowerment workshop with young girls. As I was leaving I found out that some of the girls I taught were not going to be able to come back to school because their families did not have money or saw more value in sending them to work in market places. Although I already knew this was a reality, I was confronted by the fact that a lot of young women were denied access to education, which robs them of a future. Every girl should have the opportunity to receive an education and a chance to become whoever they were created to be. This is my why. . @anchorisecic .

Gina Kawalek, Director of Field Marketing, Tricentis + Holistic Wellness Coach

It’s easy to get caught up in life and go on stressed and feeling bad. I have been there. I’ve been caught up and consumed by stress. Consumed by money, perfection, and living by other people’s definitions of happiness and success. Consumed by consuming… stuff. And I lost sight.

It is hard not to with media and advertisements telling us what we are supposed to do, want and think all the time. So I made the decision to stop living that way, and now I want to help others to do the same. Today I am doing this through 1-on-1 coaching — inspiring and helping busy, stressed people live a more intentional, healthy, balanced life so they can be and feel their best. I am also the host of a free 10 minute daily meditation class on Instagram. . @ginakawalek .

Nicci Wright, Sales & Growth @ Online Therapy Start-up + Meditation Teacher

I think there is still a gap and a long way to go for the majority of humans when it comes to integrating our emotional development and self-awareness into the full understanding of who we are.

Such as all the pain, trauma and sadness, that we all have experienced, that is typically uncomfortable to sit with… But is fundamentally where the growth happens. One of the biggest benefits of cultivating a meditation practice is having this sense of acceptance. Allowing you to sit with what is, finding meaning and having clarity. And of course when that’s too difficult to do alone, I would recommend trying therapy.

My side hustle is helping people learn to meditate. Before lockdown I was working as meditation teacher, going in to companies and delivering luncthime meditation sessions. Since that can no longer happen, I’ve been moving my meditations online and am in the process of writing, recording and creating a selection of guided meditation videos.

@meditatewithnicci .

Izabela Nair, Communications Manager, NHS + Confidence and visibility mentor

I launched my business to empower women and help them uncover their inner and outer confidence so they get visible and start and grow their side hustles. There are so many women out there with brilliant ideas but they are scared to take a leap due to insecurities or fears of being judged. I want to help them break down their walls so they build successful brands and do what they love.

As an introvert, I know first-hand how difficult it is to step out of your comfort zone and market yourself like a pro. When I wanted to started a career in PR and Communications, people told me I wasn’t bubbly enough. I didn’t listen to them and quickly proved them that introversion is not a weakness but a strength. . @izabelanair

Eva Sam, General manager of a boutique hotel + Event Organiser and caterer

I have been working in the hospitality industry for the last 30 years and thoroughly enjoy it. I recently decided to create my own company to be independent and have a better work -life balance. The purpose of my business is to help customers create, plan and deliver beautiful and unforgettable events, moreover, i’d like to help every householder to host a party to the standard of a 5* hotel and empower them to gain the confidence to run their houses with ease. It is an adventure to explore different planning strategies, house styling and etiquette classes. Inspired by my African Heritage and Creole culture, I am able to expose my creativity through my signature fruit platters and salads to make anyone feel healthy and travel through my exotic delights to connect with nature and it’s gifts.

Ashley Whitlatch, Interim CMO / Executive Marketing Consultant and Photography!

I take beautiful product + lifestyle photographs for sustainable + ethically good brands. I’ve always loved taking photographs–I got my first film camera at age 7, and loved the idea of combining something I loved to do, which could help bring brands’ stories to life–especially brands who are focused on two topics close to my heart: sustainability/regenerative focused companies, and social/ethically minded companies. . @ashley.whitlatch .

Laura Rana, Freelance Monitoring Evaluation Accountability & Learning consultant in the international development and humanitarian sectors + Founder of Khushi Kantha

Khushi Kantha (‘Happy Blanket’ in Bengali) creates ultra-soft, eco-friendly, multi-purpose baby ‘kantha’ blankets with a vibrant ‘stand out’ factor. Hand-stitched from reclaimed cotton by mothers from the communities hosting the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, each one comes with a unique story attached. As practical as they are pretty, our blankets can be used for just about every task on a Mum’s daily to-do list.

The idea was inspired by the birth of my just-turned-one-year old twins and my first-hand experience of working in the Rohingya refugee camps through my career in the humanitarian sector. Khushi Kantha’s mission is to create opportunities for mothers from the communities hosting the Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh to provide for their children with dignity; and contribute to the circular economy, promoting a shift from ‘take-make-waste’ to ‘reclaim-repurpose-reuse’. . @khushikantha .

Natalie Montgomery, Executive support professional + Founder of Almara Consulting Group

The idea for Almara Consulting Group developed gradually when I realised I was progressing with significant pace after a bold career change as well as from three passions; my unwavering supporting and uplifting of other women, sharing helpful career and personal finance advice, and always knowing deep down that I had a strong entrepreneurial spirit (regardless of how “ideal” my corporate jobs were perceived to be by society’s standards).

Over the years before I started Almara, I would get a lot of messages/questions from friends, their friends and acquaintances regarding my successful career progression and ‘financial betterment’ journey as I like to call it. I had a successful career within the fashion industry (spanning across marketing, events management and photography) before deciding to spread my wings into the realm of financial services. You see, fashion is a rather peculiar industry. On your CV, you can appear to be doing very well though financially, for many creatives (myself included at the time) it’s another story… Once I transitioned into financial services in 2015, I didn’t look back and remained focused on my ambitions. . @almaraconsulting

Asia Williams, PM at Digicel + Environmental and Project Management Consulting

Challenges with environmental degradation and climate change, impact on the next generation and SIDS, I wanted to raise awareness and find/share/implement solutions. Also, I became a certified PM and realised I could apply these skills across industries. . @asia4_sustainability_mermaid .

Yra Lougheide-Camejo, Campaign Coordinator, HYPEBEAST + Trend forecasting brand consultant

I am trend-forecasting brand consultant that uses trend research and creative storytelling to create resilient and adaptable brands of the future. I started my side hustle because my 9-5 wasn’t challenging me to develop as a strategic thinker and brand strategist. I am passionate about making brands better and wanted an avenue that didn’t stifle my passions. In addition, I wanted to generate another stream of income – working and living in London is not easy and I was tired of waiting on the perfect opportunity, so I decided to make one for myself.

Laura, Head of CRO at Brainlabs + Founder of Web and flo

Our mission; To remove the tech-ick as a roadblock to showcasing incredible services or products. Tech complexity should not get in the way of finding your ideal audience. We elevate smaller brands online. We create that shiny, ‘must-buy’ feeling through sales/landing pages and websites. . @web.and.flo .

Liza, Juvenile Justice + Founder NYC Brunch Squad

NYC Brunch Squad creates a space for women to connect and form genuine friendships.

I love female empowerment and helping to foster friendships. It’s amazing what women can do when we connect and support one another. I love facilitating that!

NYC Brunch Squad began as a brunch club for women looking to make new friends and connections in the city. We quickly expanded to events outside of brunch and began hosting fitness classes, workshops, art projects, community service and so much more! When COVID-19 hit we transitioned to virtual events, which allowed us to expand our membership to women outside of NYC. We also have a separate group for new/aspiring female entrepreneurs looking for help to get their businesses off the ground. . @nycbrunchsquad .

Sarah Bishop, Assistant Production Accountant – Disney + Founder of Jambo Cards

I run a boutique card and gift store. We stock Black & diverse cards and ethically sourced gifts. People buy from us for the variety of black cards, our support to artists and they get to look thoughtful like they hunted high and low for the perfect card. I love black and diverse cards. I’ve been buying them for years and always get the same response. Wow how cute where did you get this? I wanted to meaningfully promote these independent businesses. I didn’t like the fragmented search options, the cheap looking cards on market places with little variety. So I decided to create a boutique store of my absolute favourites.

@jambo_cards .

Sonya Barlow, Founder, LMF Network CIC + Running consultancy, DE&I training, writing a book, public speaking, podcasting

Our mission; To enable and empower people to be their best selves and ensuring they have all the tools to champion include cultures. . @sonyabarlowuk .

Kelly Cuesta, CloudBlue, emea field marketing manager + Founder, The Latina Boss

We Amplify the voice of Latinas in Europe by networking opportunities, up skill workshops and 121 mentoring coach opportunities.

@the_latinaboss .

Rianna Patterson, Marketing and Business Pathways Lead at ReapSource + Videographer, photographer and filmmaker

I would consider myself a story teller and I believe in the important of sharing your story, the healing it can bring to you and inspiration it came bring to others. I am a creative person and photographer and videographer can help me to express myself and create memories. Illustrations is another interest of mineI am a videographer/photographer and filmmaker. I also do YouTube and illustrations. I also challenge social media platforms as I am a content creator. I do a bit of copywriting as well. . @_stayinginmalane .

Isabel, Project manager + founder I LIKE NETWORKING

I LIKE NETWORKING was founded by Isabel Sachs, who has worked in the culture industry for over twelve years across Brazil and the UK. I noticed how hard it was to find a job in the culture or the creative industries based on merit alone and encountered an astounding lack of diversity in the sector. Once COVID-19 hit the globe and the unemployment rate skyrocketed, I decided it was time to do something about it. I LIKE NETWORKING is designed to promote greater diversity and inclusion in culture and creative industries across the world, particularly among women and non-binary people. . @ilikenetworking .

Kiley Sheehy, CSM & Mixpanel + Founder of Elizabeth Ministries

I run a Catholic blog and resource website and social media presence for women recovering from eating disorders. Too many women are suffering in isolation from eating disorders, and not finding resources to nurture them with the radical love of the gospel in accompaniment to their physical recovery. . @elizabethministries

Jane Visram, Lawyer, Asset Management Industry + Founder of Mama Dolce Ice Cream

I am a full-time lawyer with a serious sweet tooth, but I struggles to share tasty treats with her friends and family. Why? Allergens and intolerances. When out with friends, it was difficult for me to find delicious free-from desserts which were tasty and not laden with chemicals: Mama Dolce was my answer to this problem. It’s my passion to make desserts that every single person can enjoy, whether they suffer from an allergen or not. I saw this as an opportunity to create Mama Dolce. I not only saw this as an opportunity to create a financially stable and independent future for myself but Mama Dolce has given her the opportunity to push the boundaries of her own expectations. Whilst solving an issue that affects 2 million people in the UK everyday,  Jane also wanted Mama Dolce to be a company with a conscience. For me, Mama Dolce needed to amplify the voices of underrepresented groups by continuing to drive forward diversity in the food and beverage industry and create positive social change. . @mama_dolce_uk . .

Hannah Schaapke, Senior Electrical Engineer + Mindset & EQ Coach

I suffer from Anxiety and Depression and was told it had no space in the workplace. I was told it would hold me back from reaching my potential. I refused to believe this was that case and set out to show people how much these mental health issues had added to my life, what they had taught me and how they had helped me secure some amazing life opportunities. My mission is to support others in understanding that being exactly who you are is your biggest strength and how to utilise that and put aside the judgment of others to reach your chosen goals.

I help people utilise mindset and emotional intelligence to create brilliance and balance in their life. I teach the connection between mindset, EQ and mental health through workshops, workbooks, mentoring and coaching. I help you understand how to unlock your desired potential without exhausting yourself, preventing burnout and utilising all the amazing parts of who you are. I support you in putting aside those “societal norms” and going after what you truly desire and what will make you feel fulfilled, happy and successful. . @engineeryourmind .

Feyi Adebanjo, Marketing Intern at FXHome + Video editing, DJing, Presenting, Logo design

Presenting is my passion and I’d like it to be my main hustle in future, but for now it’s a side hustle while I try and gain more experience and expertise. Video editing is something that has come about within marketing roles, and it’s a skill I’m aware I can market separately on it’s own. DJing is a hobby of mine that I’m more than happy to get paid for. Logo design is a nice creative / artistic outlet, also a way to hone more digital skills. . @itfeyi .

Shian James, Brand Partnership Assistant + Creative Director

I am a creative director. Sometime this year, I realised that my mind doesn’t work the same as everybody else’s and that I could explore that. I started making moodboards for music videos as one my random personal projects… Next thing you know, I’m directing them. Life comes at you FAST fast. I hear a song, I see colours, movement, shots and so much more and then it’s just about curating images and content that go with the vibe I’m trying to create. I’ve realised that I’m one of those people that have to be making something or I start going mad. Music as a concept to me is wild because it’s literally just vibrating particles that people are stringing together so beautifully. Whilst I’d like to consider myself a creative director for any medium, so far I’ve only worked with music and it will always be where this began. The way music carries energy is *chefs kiss*  

@byshian . @byshian .

Naadia, Maternity Nurse – Self Employed + Music Manager + childrens’s book author

With a passion for both music and literature, I’ve loved creating and enjoy a variety of projects in my life. Even thought the hours are nuts, I’m loving juggling these plates!


Loriane Mbayo, L&D Admin at DAZN + Founder of Woman to Woman

I have always had a heart for women who needed an outlet to share their experiences and a way to understand that they could get through their different circumstances one way or another. Starting with creating a space for young women to share experiences and find similarities in their journeys as well as the journeys of women that came before them. I run a digital platform designed to narrate the stories of women, creating safe spaces for conscious conversation, and sharing experiences to help empower women worldwide. The platform’s aims is to create a digital museum of female experience. . @womantowomanx

Hannah Sayers [Alumni], Founder & Director of Small Change

I created Small Change when the Covid-19 crisis hit as saw so many non-profits struggling. My local food bank for example was struggling with a tripled workload and has no time to search for funding to survive. This is when I knew I had to help. I established a team of volunteers and we have now helped many small organisations learn how to fundraise and been successful with some grants.

Small Change – We champion small change makers and level the fundraising field by give fundraising support to small non-profits, social enterprises, female founders. . @smallchange_uk .

Charnice Blaize [Alumni], Founder and CEO of Blaized

The purpose of my business is to make people feel confident to start their own businesses and have digestible information and opportunities to take their business to the next level. . @charnice_ .

Leyya Sattar [Alumni], Co-founder The Other Box

Our mission; To improve diversity and inclusion across the creative industries – and create a global community of people who identify as ‘othered’ so they feel seen and heard – as well as have access to opportunities. I was a full-time Design Manager whilst running The Other Box as a side-hustle. I juggled this for 2 years before committing full time with TOB in June 2018. . @_theotherbox . @leyyax .

Mara Livermore [Alumni], Coach, consultant & Trainer

There are 600 million more jobs required to maintaining global employment levels by 2030. Plus, majority white owned companies still not paying, promoting or hiring other demographics correctly, even though more diverse businesses are proven to have a better bottom line, and diverse founders are over represented in numbers of those starting companies solving societies biggest problems. My work is helping them.

Have on and off done company startup operations but my hustle is a as a coach consultant and trainer helping traditionally underestimated founders get the support their needs. . @oshuwe .

Lucy Rogers, PA at Sainsbury’s + Founder of The Good Aura Company

I hand-pour vegan soy candles designed with a scent that actually lasts once lit, and they melt evenly! It started off as a sort of meditation practice, and I realised I really enjoyed being busy and that there was definitely room in the market for them! . @thegoodauracompany .

Paola Garbini, Global Senior Marketing Manager, Financial Institutions at BCG + Founder of NOI Club

My mission is to make sure women have access to all the opportunities they need to truly succeed and feel fulfilled. No one does it all alone, if they want to do it well and if they want to leave a legacy others can benefit from. I created NOI to ensure each woman could have access to what she needs to succeed, without barriers. That is why access to the group and membership are free. And that is why the only rule is to give as much as you would like to receive in return. This is the power of generosity. In NOI we are #poweredbykindness and we have a special place for each member. Whether you are a female student starting up her career journey, a freelance searching for her tribe or a woman in corporate looking for the next move…NOI is here for you!

I am the Founder of the NOI Club, an influential international community of women in business. I am driven by a passion for community building paired with the desire to help women succeed. In my role as Founder, I take care of our online community, especially our Facebook group, where all connections, collaborations and mutual support happen; I also liaise with corporates who are keen to truly serve their female employees and care about their diversity agenda: we have special programs for the corporate and university worlds and I could not be more excited about the response we have received so far! I host workshops, webinars, community building and marketing sessions and contribute to mentoring members who need dedicated support. . . @paola_garbini .

 Gaëlle Koutou, Client Partner, Self employed + Founder & Podcast Host @ Rosa!

I started my side hustle to better understand the pathways of success of women that look like me, to understand what I needed to do level up. Rosa! is a media amplifying the voices of womxn, BIPOC & LGBTQ people targeting millennials and Gen Zs. It’s also a community. Each month, I send a newsletter where I discuss everything relating to sexuality, politics, business, and economics. Each week on the podcast, I have an honest conversation with a trailblazing woman! The goal is to go deep on what it takes to build a successful career or grow a business but with simplicity, authenticity, and vulnerability . @rosa.newsletter .

Amy Valdez Barker [Alumni], Former Exec. Director of Global Ministries

I wanted to do something that was constricted by the institutions I was working for and didn’t need to be approved by so many people before we launched. So, I just found a few friends and family members who also believed in helping others and we just went for it. We started pursuing our ideas and doing our best to bring what we had learned to others and offering encouragement so more people would be connected and supported as they pursued their dreams.

Creating a network for women to engage, reflect and express themselves in a safe space that builds confidence in who they are and what they do. This online community started in the midst of covid-19 when women lost their jobs, lost loved ones and lost the social connections they needed to stay strong and confident in life. I’m also trying to promote and grow a “creative space” through Cabin Winmore a place, space and experience for the creative communities in Atlanta. Both “side-hustles,” I hope will lead to inviting people to live their best lives and be better community members where they are and wherever they go. . .

Ufeli, Investment Analyst + Creative Director: Gapeless

I’ve worked in corporate for 7 years now. When I first started I was stuck on where to buy clothes that would fit and flatter my plus size body. I decided to create my own collection of stylish women’s wear that is work appropriate, comfortable and affordable. My designs are for the talented, multifaceted women who are carving a career and want to look fabulous doing so. In male dominated industries where shirts are part of the standard attire, women are being let down with shirts that constantly gape at the bust. We exist to solve this problem and have you putting your best foot forward. When you wear a Gapeless shirt you don’t have to worry about first impressions, you’ll stand out for all the right reasons. Your confidence will be notable because you know you look good. . @myshirtis_gapeless .

Estrella Bonilla, Kindergarden Teacher + Owner of Rabbel

Rabbel Magazine is a creative print elevating the stories of fierce-hearted women and girls around the world through inspiring and uplifting creative content.I publish a creative print magazine designed with fierce-hearted preteens in mind, though the content is accessible for women and girls of all ages. The magazine and community exist to replace the outdated image-centric narrative that is fed to preteen girls through mainstream media. Rabbel Magazine exists to elevate the voices and stories of women and girls around the world, to strengthen their creative confidence and re-center their focus on their intrinsic power rather than any external value placed on them by society. Rabbel’s mission is to deliver beautifully printed pages of diverse, inclusive and positive messages to liberate the creative voice within.

Nearly 8 in 10 girls want to feel more confident in themselves. While there’s incredible media celebrating the strides made by extraordinary women across history, we won’t always have the opportunity to be the first at something, nor the best. The world is changing to make more space for women to excel. We are here to take up that space. Studies show that at the critically formative stage between ages 8 and 14, girls’ confidence levels drop by 30% and more than half of teen girls feel pressure to be perfect. Girls are likely to be held back by powerful internal forces; self-doubt, lack of confidence, people-pleasing, perfectionism. Rabbel’s mission is to acknowledge that these challenges exist and learn to live alongside them. We want to share stories that reflect the limitless capacity of the female spirit to show how real women and girls can navigate their discomfort to find and express the unique gifts they bring to the world. . @rabbelmag

Lindsay Brook-Hartop, Creative Director & Founder of Design Be Inspired

I am a Senior Proposition & Customer Experience Manager, Personal Investing & Wealth Services, Fidelity International + Creative Director & Founder, Design Be Inspired Ltd

Through lived experiences, facing life’s challenges and pushing through those tough times. I made a conscious effort to live the fullest life possible against all odds. I know that holistically making positive changes in people’s lives is the way to do this. Health, lifestyle, creativity, design and practicality all tie into the ways we can work and live more effectively and create a more positive journey. People with big goals, dreams and ambitions also need a clear out, in their homes, relationships, environment, mindset and more. Creating opportunities for clients to clear out and start again and go for what they want is so important to me. Providing the motivation and empowerment, inspiration and a huge dose of honesty, I live my life fully to inspire you to do the same whilst shattering the perceptions that hold you back.

Interior Design should be accessible to all. Some of us are naturally organised and have a place for everything and others aspire to have an organised living and working space but just don’t know where to begin. Everyone should have the opportunity to organise and create a new space, a new start, a new beginning for themselves and their family. . @designbeinspired .

Jagjeet, Learning Services Manager at the British Retail Consortium + Business mentor and coach

I am here to empower others. The results and the deep impact the sessions have had, have shown me and others how valuable and needed they are in this current climate. By understanding yourself you are able to excel with ease. I am a business mentor and coach helping individuals, teams, startups, and businesses that want to refocus and effectively work towards their goals. I help them align their goal with their personal values and explore where they should focus and where they may need support. . @ribbons.consultants .

Fola, Design Integrity Analyst, Bank of England + Owner of Sheni & Teni

 I started the business out of frustration in not being able to find good quality toys that were representative of her culture, ethnic background and skin colour and really wanted a fun way to introduce all of the above to my kids. I design and create unique products and resources that Littles and their Grown Ups can bond over and learn with all at the same time.

I strongly believe little children need to see people that look like them in the toys they play with and media they consume as this lets them know they’re important, valuable and worth listening to. I also wanted a means by which non Africans could also learn about our beautiful African cultures thus providing a space to learn about diversity from a young age. . @sheniandteni .

Mandeep Soor [Alumni], CoFounder @Bendi formerly Chief Strategy Officer at Pivigo (data science consultancy)

I wanted to spend my days trying to solve problems I really care about – how could I make a positive difference in the world? From experience, I know that tools such as AI and exceptional design have the power to change how we relate to difficult and sometimes amorphous concepts such as sustainability and climate change/impact. My company Bendi shows you clear and comparable sustainability information as part of clothing product descriptions as you shop. We want to build a bridge between the things you care about and value and help translate that into how to consume. .

Bukky Oluyole, Assistant Auditor: National Audit Office + Founder of BeeKay Events

I love planning, I love having a vision and executing it. Most importantly, I love making people happy when they see their idea in real life. At BeeKay Events, we aim to ease the pressure of your event planning needs. Our goal is to bring your vision to life while ensuring you have a stress-free experience. We are passionate, professional, reliable and committed to going the extra mile to ensure your event goes according to plan.

@beekayevents .

Janete, Contracts Advisor – Chevron + Owner of Natures Gift

I see it as one of my missions in the world to help people through nature so I firstly produce 100% natural face, body and hair products to decrease the use of harmful ingredients in our body and bring people closer to nature. A more sustainable and pro-environment brand is the goal of Nature’s Gift. Come along in this journey and “Embrace the natural you” . Natural products, growing, producing And using what nature provides has always been in me but after some time lost in the matters of life I decided to products start using and producing my own natural products as a way to respond to a personal need to ditch some of the beauty care products available and on that personal query I had my husband incentive To share it with others… my mission to help and support people that want to change and adopt more natural products and environmentally safe products on their lives. .

Carly Rayford, Director of Client Services, TixTrack

I no longer do it but while working full time in ticketing I also produced radio for ESPN LA. I was a young professional and trying to figure out what I wanted to do – after working for ESPN in CT I wanted to continue in LA (my hometown) but also got a steadier job in live entertainment ticketing, another industry I enjoy, at UCLA.

@carlylray .

Krystle McGilvery, Chartered accountant + Co-Founder at MY BFD and Moneytelligence

I have a passion for finance education and the empowerment it provides especially for women. I have been around women in business since birth and see the correlation between poor financial literacy and life struggles. I am a Chartered Accountant by profession and now assist people with their personal and business finances. I am also a co-founder to two new businesses MY BFD and Moneytelligence – both that started this year. . @moneymondayuk . . .

Asta Diabaté, Business analyst, Founders Intelligence + Co-Founder of Alumi

I’m Co-Founder of Alumi, a digital matching platform connecting aspiring university students with mentors. I started alumi with my cofounder because we believe strongly that education is powerful and that inequality sucks – it stops so many from going after what they want because they don’t have the right network or resources. Our vision is to help create a world where everyone is empowered to pursue their academic + professional dreams, no ifs, no buts. And that’s why our mission is to create opportunities for people to power their future. . .

Temi Anubi [Alumni], Founder/CEO

Reset Your Stage was created out of the need for a succinct introduction to Marketing Strategy. I saw so many of my friends looking to start their next big venture without the necessary marketing tools. My aim was to create a way to introduce the key concepts of marketing; guidance on structure and the ability to form a basic marketing plan so that people could focus on their dream.

Founded in 2018, Reset Your Stage was created in order to help individuals develop a Marketing Strategy as a Small Business, Creative, or Freelancer. Whether you’re setting up an event, selling a product, or attempting to elevate your existing business, We provide an insight into how marketing can work for you long term. We offer both individual and group sessions that aim to teach the importance of a good Marketing Strategy as a base for the future. . @resetyourstage .

Sharena Shiv, Business Owner – Devotion Property Management + Podcaster

Start Up. Start Now. Podcast – showcases the journeys of inspirational entrepreneurs, side hustlers and their mentors. We discuss their successes, challenges and how they overcame setbacks. Focusing mainly on what they wish they had known when starting out. After all, seeing is believing!

I conduct weekly interviews with inspirational business owners in the UK from different industries. This podcast started during the global pandemic. Coronavirus has shown us the importance of how short life can be. Even more so, it has shown us the importance in pursuing passions and ensuring we create multiple income streams. COVID-19 has put into perspective the importance of adapting and following one’s true interests and hobbies.

This is a tool I would have personally benefitted from over 3 years ago when I left my Corporate Banking role at Royal Bank of Scotland/Coutts Bank in London to take the jump into starting my Property Management company in Devon. With all that I have personally learnt and my Entrepreneurship course at Cambridge University (Judge Business School), I wish to get people ready to START UP! Majority of the entrepreneurship content on social media comes from the US and Australia. The most listened to podcasts in this field are Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk and Joe Rogan (all white males). Start Up. Start Now. is all about provoking discussions on this matter and looking at why these lessons have not been taught in UK’s education system. . @startupstartnowpodcast .

Laura Pajuodyte, Senior Associate at PwC, Customer & Digital + Founder of Canvas by LP

I am an abstract artist, mental health advocate and founder of Canvas by LP – a community space where creativity and mental health collides. I’ve launched Canvas by LP initially as a way to help me create art with purpose, giving back to mental health charities and allowing .

I believe it is important we feel safe talking about our mental health. As part of my efforts to break down the stigma, I started Mind My Story campaign. Aiming to open up the dialog about what living with mental illness is like, I am here to cover stories about mental health and wellbeing with self-made entrepreneurs, creatives and people like you.

As an abstract artist, I explore how our thoughts, emotions and movement in the environment around us collide into one. From bold brushstrokes to tiny details, my art is a modern take on how we feel and interact with the world around us. At the same time, I am convinced we need more stories. More stories that normalise our mental health for what it is; with all its colours, our happy and sad moments; hustles, successes and devastations along the way. We need to normalise the conversation around what anxiety or depression feels like. Why it’s ok to say (out loud) that you’re not ok. So that finally saying ‘I have a bad mental health day today’ is as easily accepted (and said) as saying ‘I have a cold’. . @canvasbylp .

Georgina Workman, Head of Production, Appear Here + Founder of Tailored and Made

For those looking to explore or discover a new area of London, Tailored and Made is the single purchase, or monthly subscription service, which plans your day for you. With a bespoke itinerary (and welcome gift or two) delivered the day before, you’ll then be taken on a guided tour of your chosen area. The plan will highlight local brands and introduce you to new experiences, and with everything paid up front, you’ll be helping to support the local economy, putting the spotlight on small independent names and giving money directly to the companies Tailored and Made works with. A great day or night out, a series of personal touches will help make the day feel like a special event, regardless of the occasion.

We started because during lockdown we saw so many of our favourite brands struggling with the measures. We’ve lived in London for eight years now, and the people and places that make it so special aren’t the high streets and big names, its the small, independent brands that keep our areas thriving and help make London what it is. Our mission is to make memorable days tailored to you; while supporting the local economy. . @tailoredandmadelondon .

Ayo Odusanya, Solicitor (Compliance & AML). The PX Hub + Legal Consultant for entrepreneurs and influencers

Over the years, I saw a lot of my friends who were building their brands get taken advantage of and lose money in business dealings because they either didn’t have a Business Plan, or they were not using Contracts to conduct business. Lead Collective is the result of my passion to educate entrepreneurs on the legal side of running a business and/or establishing a brand. My hope if that by using the services provided, individuals are better suited to protecting their passion and profit. 


Suzanne Noble [Alumni], Co-Founder Silver Sharers

Back in March, I had a part-time job at a co-work space which guaranteed me a monthly salary. I had a room on Airbnb which was nearly always full. I had gigs (I’m a part-time singer) booked through to June. I was hosting events for the Soho House Group and had six lined up in March alone. The startup of which I am a co-founder, Silver Sharers, was experiencing exponential growth.

Then we went into lockdown and, with it, went most of my salary. I co-founded a social enterprise called Advantages of Age with my friend Rose Rouse in 2016 as a side hustle, to challenge the media narrative around ageing, both being over 50 and fed up with how the media portrays older women as being their prime. We’d raised some grant funding over the years, some of it related to helping older people discover new pathways to employment, my passion being a serial entrepreneur.

Spotting a grant application that we could apply to help others start a business who may have lost their job as a result of COVID-19 (like I did), we applied. In April we were awarded a small grant from the London Community Response to produce an eLearning course, Startup School for Seniors, which is helping my co-director of Advantages of Age, Mark Elliott and me to develop a sustainable business in the same way that we want to be able to help others to do the same. . @startupschoolforseniors .

Stefanie Oseni-momodu, Finance and Purchasing Officer, Queen Mary University of London + Mindset Coach

I am a Mindset Coach for new female entrepreneurs. We work together to create tools and techniques to crush those obstacles and challenges they may face so they can push through them and in return grow their business. I Do this via 1:1 coaching, diving deep into what really holds them back, what limiting beliefs they have been living with and changing them to empowering beliefs, learning how to reframe those negative thoughts that creep up on us when we are about to do something new.

I started to empower women and create my dream balanced lifestyle to myself and my family. My real why and mission is to reach that woman out there doing all she can to achieve her dream lifestyle but in the midst of her hustle she gets isolated and overwhelmed. I want every woman to feel supported and unstoppable no matter their circumstances or their past. . @stefaniegabriellacoaching .

Harriet Adkin, Social Media Manager at Flashmat UK + Founder of Burnt Orange City

I have an Art Platform called Burnt Orange City where I feature interviews with global artists who openly share what it really means to be an artist and the experiences and inspirations that continue to shape their work. I am passionate about exploring the relationship between art and well-being, and so, my chats look to get artists thinking about how art impacts on their overall well-being, whilst delving deep into their creative process. I also featured interviews with well-being practitioners ranging from Yoga teachers to Therapists and Herbalists, asking them how their work influences their creativity. I will soon be opening an online shop that will allow visitors to purchase art from artists that are featured, with the idea being that they can connect with the artists before and after buying.

I wanted to create a platform that is in-tune with reality, showing what it really means to be an artist. Many artists I talk to also work other jobs, so I wanted to create a platform that opens a space for honesty and openness through authentic chats that delve deep into their creative process whilst forming a collaborative and empowering community that connects the everyday person to art and creativity. . @burnt_orange_city .

Maawura Alex Totoe, Civil Engineer + Founder of FLO London

I started FLO London because I wanted to share my love for art, travel, alfresco dining and of course, London. But more than that, I wanted to give a platform to Londoners from all walks of life. FLO London is an independent, unbiased voice which will continue to tackle difficult topics, educate and add humour to your day to day life. We have several exciting things coming soon, including the launch of FLO London The Shop. Our first collection #FLTS20 will land this autumn. . @flolondon_ .

Sofia Latif, Marketing Consultant + Founder of Sofia Latif Oils

My mission is to give women confidence in their skin and hair, as they age. To embrace the process, whilst developing a better relationship with their skin and hair, through the use of oils. Using oils forces you to slow down, to take time, and this brings you closer to your skin, accepting it with grace and kindness. I have SOFIA LATIF, a vegan skincare and wellbeing range, giving women the confidence to show off skin and hair as these change with age. We are pro-ageing, slow living, simplified skincare for sensitive skin, harnessing the power of plant oils. 100% pure, small batch, and made in London. . @sofialatifoils .

Jasmin John, Freelance Assistant Editor + Founder of Black Women in Post Production Ltd

I am the founder of Black Women In Post Production Ltd, a network and enterprise which seeks to address the disparity of Black and Black Mixed heritage women within post production in the UK Film and TV Industry. We aim to empower, inspire and nurture Black and Black Mixed heritage women to amplify their value in post production. We provide the opportunity to network into the post production industry through our online platform as part of a group membership program which is conducive to forging professional relationships, sharing experiences and opportunities as well as enhancing career development for all career levels.

Today, the Film and TV post production industry is still disproportionate in terms of ethnicity and gender in the workforce. Approximately 211,000 people work in the UK Film and TV industry. Post production has an estimated workforce of 17,000 but only 3000 are BAME professionals. Furthermore, the screen industries female workforce is 38% compared to 47% of the UK economy. After graduating from University and breaking into the industry, I realised that there were very few people that looked like me in the cutting rooms so I set about figuring out ways to influence and transform the status quo. BWIPP was conceived to increase representation of Black female talent. . . @bwippnetwork

Mavis Amankwa, Head of Marketing, Private Investment + Public Speaker

I am a mother of 2, a grandma and a multi award winning entrepreneur specialising in marketing, PR and diversity communications for 20 years. I launched the Women Like Me Business Club in 2016 to help women in business grow and that’s still going today. We recently celebrated our 4th anniversary. 

My dream is to continue to make a contribution to society and fulfil my God-given purpose to help others through my business, social and personal life in whatever shape or form.

I am also the Head of Marketing for a leading private investment company and I also have a women business club to help other women to “business” socialise, create women business events and more. Why? Because I love helping other businesses to grow and especially women in business. Every step of my career is built to help small businesses growing. . @mavisamankwah .

Folayemi Ojo, Programme Coordinator for a National UK charity + Founder of Yemides Kitchen

I’m the Founder of Yemides Kitchen. We’re a catering company specialising in the creation and production of Afro-Caribbean infused cuisine. We provide a wide selection of bespoke event catering packages aswell as provide opportunities for our audience to engage with us through our cooking classes & courses and our recipe blog, youtube & youtube channel. We also provide resources and opportunities for other startup food businesses to learn, grow and showcase themselves in the best light.

The why beyond my start up has changed over the years as I developed also. Initially, I started my business as something to bring in extra income. But now, it’s much more than that, I realised how difficult and lonely it can be starting up a food business, so my Why has now be shaped around supporting other food businesses like myself to help find their feet. Ultimately, my goal for my business is to become a global organization that provides help, support, business development & education for food professionals and those thinking of entering the food space. . @yemideskitchen .

Lisiane Ndong, CSM at Searchmetrics + Lecturer in Digital Marketing at Pearson College London

@lisianendong .

Mikêva, Contract Manager + Head Chef/Director of Afrinapé

Cooking is my passion. People have complimented my cooking for a long time so I thought I would turn it into a business. . @afrinape .

If you have been inspired by the journey of any of the entrepreneurship, please email my your thoughts at

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