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9 places to find your next tech role

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Whether you are looking for a role in tech or a non-tech role, Indeed or the like isn’t always the most inspiring place to start when looking for that desired placement.
With the demand for more specialist roles being created every day, it’s no wonder dedicated platforms are being launched that are designed to recruit a broader, more diverse, and specialist audience. And you know what? We 👏🏽 are 👏🏽 here 👏🏽 for 👏🏽 it 👏🏽
Below is a shortlist of platforms that advertise tech roles ranging from developers to designers, engineers to coders. See this space as a starting point for finding that dream job, something I needed when I pivoted into tech over 5 years ago. Let’s dive in.

Escape The City

Escape The City is a 500k purpose-driven community of progressive employees and employers seeking either a placement or a recruit. The platform has worked with Bulb, Monzo, Applied, Hotpod Yoga, and so on. (I found my first tech role on ETC as it helped me have direct contact with recruiters and learn more about the company’s culture).

People Of Color In Tech

People Of Color In Tech acts as a wiki for job offerings. Ranging from Technical Officers to Product Design Directors, the list is endless regarding advertised positions. With a mailing list of 25k strong, this platform is undoubtedly doing something right!


Linkedin praises itself for being the founding platform for business. Think of it as the Facebook of the business world. Your profile acts as a digital CV, which is editable at any given time. You may have seen the ‘I’m open to work’ badge on many profiles when scrolling through your feed. This gives businesses and recruiters insight into who is looking for a job and who is not. The selling point? It’s 810 million members and its growing active communities.
LinkedIn open to work image wrapper LinkedIn open to work profile badge[/caption]


Wellfound is a startup community that specializes in remote technical talent opportunities. The platform’s results speak for themselves. Placing 6 million (you read that number right!) candidates already, the platform is expanding daily. Working with clients such as Airtable, Doordash, and honey (to name but a few), Angel is a platform you should be checking out.

Hustle Crew

Founded by entrepreneur and tech-head Abadesi Osundade, Hustle Crew connects hiring managers with a budding community made up of 10,000+ talented people from around the globe. Its following is made up of 86% of Underrepresented genders. Based in the UK and the US, Hustle Crew connects managers with experienced professionals daily.


Glassdoor is the platform you go to, to spill the tea and gain perspective on other company cultures. It’s raw, unfiltered, and can make or break a company’s reputation. Whether you want to find a new job, compare salaries or dish the dirt on a former employer, Glassdoor is the one-stop-shop you need in your life.


Tempo is one of the more creative recruitment platforms out there. It’s fun, it’s bold, and it’s personable. With its tongue-in-cheek persona and playful colour palette, members of the platform are encouraged to step out of the norm and colour outside the lines. Its multi-use platform consists of information documenting the rise of profile videos and the death of traditional CVs, candidate profile creation, and so much more.

UK BlackTech

UKBlackTech is a dedicated platform designed to make Black men and women find tech jobs at ease. From its sleek-looking homepage to its incredibly throughout user experience, this platform takes the anxiety out of job hunting.

Hire Tech Ladies

Hire Tech Ladies’ slogan says it all. “We connect companies with the best tech makers.” The platform is geared up to support women find jobs in tech by offering free tech webinars, a robust network of active community members, and an aesthetically pleasing jobs board.
Other platforms to look out for are:
This is by no means an exhaustive list! Comment with any more I should add! The expansion of diverse and creative job boards is essential to our working methods and the workforce as a whole. Creating a space that encourages networking and personal growth and gives opportunities to communities lacking in support allows a new era of employee acceptance to be seen and heard.
9 places to find your next tech role - Just Jaz

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