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1 Year, 3 Journals

There is something special about putting pen to paper and writing things down. Even thought I’m an avid techie this will always ring true, journalling, note-taking and re-writing my to-do list on paper will always be a part of my day to day.

As part of this I thought it only right to introduce you to the 3 journals and planners taking me through this year, how and why.


Money Planner, Build a life you love

This is beautifully designed by Holly & Tracy of; a mother and daughter duo who are on a mission to empower women around money and money mindset. Through a routine of money-tracking this journal allows you to see exactly where your money is going, how quick and on what so you can make small changes that will ultimately add up to the big ones.

As somebody who admits to not being “good with” money this is great for me as it become part of my daily and weekly routine instead of the “2020 budget” spreadsheet I check in on twice a month and can adjust veerrryyy easily. It makes it easy to celebrate quick wins and be more mindful of those “coffees” adding up. I’m a big believer of us voting with our £££ so it was also eye opening to see the businesses I am giving my money to and question whether there is an independent, sustainable or more aligned alternative. For instance, moving my hard-copy book purchasing from Amazon to Hive Bookstore (I have yet to find a smooth alternative for my kindle purchasing so if you know of any please let me know!)

You can join me and countless others by getting your own here.


I have ALWAYS been a fan of Kikki.K stationary and the mission and vision of the brand. The Founder Kristina Karlsson is also  a great inspiration and has a kick ass podcast. In the Christmas of 2018 my secret santa got me her book “Your dream life starts here” which is part book and part journal so when the full annual journal was released I had to get it.

It begins with about 30 pages of reflection the past year and goal-setting for the present with thoughtful prompts at the beginning of each month to keep you on track with your goals and yourself. I sit each Sunday to update the week ahead and fill in my 3 priorities for the week, it doesn’t always go to plan but is slowly becoming a great record of the moments, memories and experiences I have had and it’s only March!

If this sounds good to you I’d highly recommend you grab your own here and let it be your companion for the remaining 9 months of the year.

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1 Year, 3 Journals - Just Jaz

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