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All the Words of Career Clubhouse

Today I want to get nerdy with you and talk about words. Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good book, poem and English was always my favourite subject in school. This hasn’t changed! Here are some of the Career Clubhouse words I LOVE:


having or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed.

Ooof! For so long this word was loaded with so much crap, as women we aren’t expected to be ambitious, we’re expected to be grateful to be able to have jobs and businesses and careers. It still makes swathes of society uncomfortable for a woman to be openly ambitious, think of how women in power are treated, the words that are written about them and better still the words some of us may have faced. “Bossy” and “Aggressive”.

  • So as a result we are marginalised. We never feel like we fit in because we’ve never desired to.
  • We’re the friend at brunch who’s talking about the next course she’s doing or her growth alongside her children and puppy.
  • We’re the friend who gets a promotion and starts planning for the next one.
  • We ask “what does progression look like here?” in job interviews.
  • We start planning for the following business year in June

Progress and forward motion are our love languages and we will leave something seemingly perfect when we feel stagnant and bored.

Career Clubhouse is for ambitious women, it’s a space for us to be unashamedly so, it’s a space for us to celebrate it as a strength and not something to be hidden or ashamed of as though it makes us any less feminine, any less motherly, any less fun. Yes. I said it! Just because I’m ambitious and hard working doesn’t mean I don’t know how to play!


“remarkable or exceptional, especially exceptionally good.”

This, is what I want for you. This is the type of career I know to be possible, something that makes you beam with pride and awe when you think of the journey. A CV, Porfolio and catalogue of experience that is phenomenal simply because you are. Your Phenom is grounded in self awareness, confident communication and relentless application, you are continuously growing and belief through effort you can continue to evolve and advance.

p.s. this is why I call members Phenoms, we’re all stars.


Playing big is being more loyal to your dreams than to your fears.

I first came across this as the title of Tara Mohr’s book. It changed everything and I realised all the way I was selling myself short and limiting my life and possibilities. Playing big is an approach to your career that means you are committed to more; whatever more looks like for you. Catch Tara’s full definition that has me nodding my head here.


A clubhouse is most commonly known as a central building used for club activities. Depending on the type of apartment complex or neighbourhood that you live in, the amenities offered by the association may be different.

So, it’s nothing to do with the iPhone app. But it has everything to do with a gathering place with different activities. There are different clubhouses for different interests and purposes, the membership is intended to cater to your whole-self and be an online meeting-spot, a watering hole of sorts where we can plan and progress together. It’s important that you feel welcomed, supported and offered an emotional beverage and fluffy slippers every time you join us.

Let me know how you felt diving into these words, did they connect or rub you up the wrong way? If you join Career Clubhouse I want it to be a ‘hell yes’ with every fibre of your being so it’s important you connect with our purpose beyond my catchy phrases into the deeper meaning for you.

Ask yourself. What do these words mean to me?

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All the Words of Career Clubhouse - Just Jaz
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