6 lessons from February

It’s the last day of February 2021 and as many of you know, my podcast series launched this month!

I wanted to record a few solo episodes alongside the usual format – so I can share some of the lessons that I’ve learned in the past month. Within my career, within my business, within my day job, within life I think it’s really important for us to understand the different ways that we’re learning and unlearning. 

I needed to identify what I was doing and why I was doing it, but also sit in a moment of gratitude. -
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I needed to identify what I was doing and why I was doing it, but also sit in a moment of gratitude.

Life is constantly teaching us new things. Every time we talk about it or use that phrase, we’re often talking about the bad things that happen, as opposed to the good. So, I wanted to invite you into what the month has looked like for me and share with you my six takeaways, which will hopefully help shape my focuses for March. 

When people say new levels, new devils – I get itIt’s so important to acknowledge when things have taken another step because so often we’re only focused on getting to the next level that we don’t give much thought to what actually happens when we get there. We tend to forget what needs to change and who we need to become – or identifying what needs to change to allow us to get there.

For me, it was realising that I was getting in my own way. I needed to identify what these were but also sit in a moment of gratitude. In reality, many of the things I’d wished for, prayed for and hoped for had come to pass – I was just not handling them very well. 

I don’t say that to be self-deprecating. I say that as a challenge to myself. It’s important to have that conversation with yourself. Below is a breakdown of the six things I have learnt:

Everything is subject to change.

January was the 3rd anniversary of my business and I can’t think of many parts of it that have remained the same apart from coaching being at the core.

You are allowed to exceed your own expectations, and when you do.

Rest a little while. Most people think that reaching a goal or milestone ahead of schedule is the perfect reason to add to it. I beg to differ.

I create a mean freebie, but it won’t change your life unless you carve space to reflect, refine and implement.

This has been something I’ve struggled with; being a coach in the online space the temptation is to cram so much insight into social media posts simply because I want to help. But I’m starting to see that’s not actually helping.

You are 95% more likely to reach your goals if you declare your goal to someone else and have a regular appointment to share progress.

That’s probably why we have goal-setting periods, add goals to our 1:1s and are encouraged to share. If we do the opposite, we’re kind of making things harder for ourselves. Community is more important than we think.

Running a business does not have to be hard work and is more accessible than you think, and you don’t have to do it alone.

Here are some wonderful people who have supported my journey and what they taught me.

There is power in your decisions and explaining them.

This week I was plagiarised, and I was hurt and disappointed but unfortunately not surprised. I took a moment, phoned a friend and then chose to have a conversation with the person, and she apologised. International Women’s Day is around the corner and with the theme #choosetochallenge, I want to share that despite the memes you may want to send and the petty things you want to say and do. Take heed from Aunty Michelle (when they go low we go high) and open with a question “Hiya, my words are on your website?”

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