The lessons along the way

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The biggest myth we believe as entrepreneurs is that we have to do it all alone. That as solopreneurs there is nobody who can help you get further faster. This isn’t true!

As a solopreneur, I have had support from various consultants, coaches and experts in their respective fields to help me grow personally and professionally. I learned so much from each of them, they each shared their biggest insights with me; insights that I still draw from to this day and share with you below:

Legal – Egbe @ Manton Legal

“Your business isn’t cookie-cutter or template so your agreements shouldn’t be”

Facebook Ads – Quickfoxlabs

“Who do you want to speak to and what do you want them to know?”

Marketing mentor – Cecelia Adjei

“Get clear on your values and how they show up in your business”

Lara Sheldrake – PR & Event management

“Take the idea, create a plan and answer all the possible questions”

Social media review – Phoebe Dodds, Buro155

“Make what you do so clear that a stranger will get it in a few seconds”

Presentation Coach – Heather Jeffries

“Don’t be afraid to improvise, don’t be afraid to take up space”

Accountant – Fola Otto

“Leave it to me”

Business Coach – Sophie Thorne

“Your business should have a strategy and a plan, set big goals and take them day by day”

VA – Isha Webber, Ivy Virtual Assistance

“You deserve to have more time”

What about you? Who have you worked with that have helped your growth personally and professionally?

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