5 Things you should know before joining Career Clubhouse

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Career Clubhouse is a private membership for ambitious women who are ready to play big and create phenomenal careers in 2021 and beyond. It’s all about the long-term, community and power of coaching alongside tools and a tried and true framework to get you to where you want to be.

You may have seen me talk about it, I may have sent you a message with a special invite and you may have skimmed the web-page but there’s more! There are a few things that make Career Clubhouse different that I want to make sure you know below:

There is no Facebook, slack or WhatsApp group

We connect on the live calls. There’s enough noise and temptation to be always on and plugged in. I don’t want you to feel that way. So instead we have an open forum (which you can access on your phone) with access to DM members so you can reach out in your own way and continue conversations organically.

Minimal mass-notifications. I promise.

The group coaching calls are not recorded

These sessions are a safe-space and so we will maintain that what is said in the rooms remain there. Everyone will have access to a summary of reflections and any tools shared to walk through in their own time. An anonymised summary of reflections from the session will be shared and anyone can comment on this.

We take it slow

All the courses and workshops can be taken at your own pace. We have to leave space for life and your organic growth and although I’ve packed in the value-level of a course…. It won’t be as intense. I want to banish any feelings of being “behind” and having to “catch up”. Jump in where you want and jump out where you don’t.


I care about YOU as an individual before the building of your phenomenal career. Often as self-confessed ambitious women we can neglect our very-selves and leave self-care as an after-thought. We don’t do that around here! Monthly yoga and coaching that focuses on our whole-being is integral. We are not machines and never want you to be.

It’s an invitation, not an obligation

Your initial commitment can be 1 or 3 months and you can always decide to stay or leave. It is important that you know why you are here and you have your own goal and motivations for being a part of the community. The minute it no longer serves you I want you to know that that is ok and be free to move forward knowing you’ll always be a phenom!

 - If you haven’t joined us yet, I’m not sure what your waiting for… find out more and join us.

If you haven’t joined us yet, I’m not sure what your waiting for… find out more and join us.

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