The 10 podcasts that keep me inspired!

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Before I had my own podcast I was and still am an avid listener, at least one episode per day. Here I’m sharing my top 10 in no particular order. It is my hope hat you will check them out and they can inspire in the ways they have inspired me.

The Courtney Sanders Show

I remember being on a plane listening to Courtney recap the lessons learned from the year at the very moment I was falling out of love with my business in its previous format. I listened twice because I really needed to apply her advice around how I spend my time as an entrepreneur who also has a full-time job. I had to realise I couldn’t help everybody and get focused on my mission, passion and impact.


Techish with abadesi osunsade & michael berhanA

Abadesi and Michael have the perfect blend of culture, tech news and other topics affecting millennials. So many things I relate to especially as a black British woman working in tech. I listen because I can relate to their experiences and it has helped me feel less-alone as a person who is still under-represented in tech.


Redefining Wealth with Patrice washington

This podcast always starts with the prelude that wealth is all about wellbeing instead of “chasing money” and it sticks to it. With many topics including mindset, confidence, starting a business, raising a family, savings, fear, bravery and much more through solo and guest-interview episode. A longer form show typically but ones that have me wishing I could bookmark phrases for later!


Goal Digger with jenna kutcher

Jenna Kutcher is my go-to when I feel overwhelmed with a business challenge. She’s an open and authentic woman who has built a business online and shares the lessons learned on the podcast around things like marketing, blogging and Instagram but also about balance, time management, wellbeing and family.


on purpose with Jay Shetty

A Brit in the US interviewing people who are in the limelight and also behind the scenes about wellbeing and approaches to life. I listen to this to get centred and reflect on my mindset, the episodes are at least an hour each so perfect for a long train or plane journey.


Side Hustle Pro with nicaila matthews okome

Nicaila Matthews Okome gets it. This was the first podcast I tuned into at the beginning of my side hustle journey. Although the women she interviews are US-based there is always so much to relate to and the episodes are responsible for me connecting with so many of the guests online and staying tuned to their movements.


Marie forleo

A friend introduced me to her and I met her via YouTube before realising most of her Marie TV content eventually makes it way to her podcast either as bite sized solo episodes or longer interviews. She always grabs some of my favourite people and intersperses them with shorter snack-able episodes.


The lifestyle edit with naomi mdudu

Another Brit in the US killing it. I connected with Naomi at the beginning of my coaching business as a personable and wise friend I could tune into from time to time. Her conversations were especially helpful when made the decision to use my coaching skill to help people AND make money. Something that always feels conflicting as deep down somewhere it’s almost like we are taught that things that are good for you or helpful should be free.


in good company with Otegha Uwagba

This podcast makes me a feel like I’m part of a conversation. I first connected with Otegha’s content through her book which was a much needed time of advice for a young woman building her career as well as navigating entrepreneurship.


the wot pod with frankie cotton

I inhaled this one, on a Monday I pressed play on episode 1 and was blown away by the sheer wisdom and insight shared in each episode. It raised my awareness of women doing amazing things globally and enjoy Frankie’s curious interview style.


Do you listen to podcasts? If so, what are some of your favourites? Leave a comment below:

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