It’s time to Hype Yourself (Book Review)

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I picked this up because…

  • First heard Lucy Werner at general assembly event and then again at found and flourish event

  • always dropping gems

  • never kept the book a secret

  • bought the book before Christmas as I was pivoting the business and had some big hairy ass goals that would flop if I didn’t shout about them and my business

  • Needed to figure out where to even begin!

The lesson learned were…

  • Book surprisingly felt like a course, each chapter had step by step instructions and examples that built on one another, so much so I read half the book in December and the other half in January just so I could truly follow along.

  • At the end of the 4th page I decided to create a Google Doc. With all my thoughts, reflections and exercises. ( I also made it brightly coloured so it would feel as fun as the hard copy book itself)

  • There’s an element of experimentation that I love. The worse people can say is no but they can’t even say no if I dont put my business and my work out there. (Nobody is going to come and find me in my home office and see what I’m up to, book me or work with me)

  • it allowed me to see my business through a stranger’s eyes

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