Every extra hour



Be intentional

…with what you want to achieve in a specific time frame. Be it through a to-do list, and list of 3 tasks you want to finish today. Think of the things that you need to do to move forward with your goal and overcome the most urgent challenge and focus to get it done.

We often thing we are doing ourselves a world of good by writing a to-do-list and then it ends up with about 25 items and it overwhelms us into the mud. Stuck-in-the-mud with procrastination and overwhelm. It’s for this reason it’s important to keep it succinct and prioritised. If you end up with a full page; highlight the top 3 among them.

Take the time you need for you.

If your body is saying you need a break then take it. You are in charge of your life and time, you decide what you fill it with especially where your well being is concerned.

There is only one you and all the things you want to achieve will be your unravelling if you forget your part in all of it. And even worse, they will be empty if you arrive there on-empty. Taking time out can be as simple as switching your phone to do not disturb, taking a walk or choosing to spend time with friends instead of hammering out another proposal or email.

Every extra hour isn’t created equal

Just because the time is available doesn’t mean you need to use it, think of when you are most effective and inspired and carve out time then. Staying up for 3 hours to work when tired is the quickest route to creating something you will want to review again (midnight typos anyone?)

There are 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week and you were not designed to work all of them. There are ways of figuring it out, ways of discovering your personal preference; morning or night-person, owl or lark.

Anchor yourself

Continue to remind yourself of who you are, your values and character. Your strength and purpose. All lofty words but very real. Through journaling, coaching, reflection and celebrating what you have done before you can remain anchored regardless of what may happen around you. For the times where the winds change, you can always find your way back.


Remember that you are building something, it’s like Lego, just because you didn’t add something today doesn’t mean what you did yesterday was demolished and doesn’t mean you won’t add to it tomorrow. Brick by brick you should continue to move forward at a pace that suits you, a pace that works.

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