Goal Setting from day one

Goals, goals, goals. Targets, targets targets. Dreams, dreams, dreams. And, ideas, ideas and more ideas.

Goals are presented to us regularly from our first school on-wards. You have target grades in education alongside any goals you are encouraged to set on extra-curricular activities. Sometimes goals are even set on your behalf; during parents evening, when beginning secondary education. This then evolves into goals set in the workplace, the annual performance review that requires you to reflect and satisfy criteria, competencies and expectations. All of these are a goals imposed on us at periods dictated by people that typically are not us.

As an adult; you then are left void of space for goal-setting unless you initiate it. You are enveloped in the social media culture of #goals, not to mention the peer pressure between Nov-Jan each year when every social event has “what are your resolutions for the new year?” and questions of that ilk.

Ultimately, you may find yourself at some point in life wanting to set goals at the time that best suits you and now your are an adult free from imposition, there are a number of ways you can do this!

Where to begin

There are so many worthwhile tools and activities that can be used to set goals

Vision Board

This is a creative way to think of goals, it is a sort of visual word-association as you flick through magazines, photos and images it allows you to focus on what the end goal will look like. More info

Start, Stop, Continue

This one is based on self-reflection and assessment. In the world of work & projects this is focused on practical things. Whereas this can be adapted to personal life by asking what do you want to start? What would you like to stop? and last-but-not-least; what do you want to continue? More info (group/project perspective)


Yes, although you are advised to have a goal when beginning coaching, a coaching session can be a more natural way of exploring the initial question itself”what are my goals?” or “what would I like to achieve in the next x months/years?”


There are always several workshops with this focus. Which is another way to remind you that it’s perfectly fine to:

a. not have your goals decided

b. want a little help and support

c. find a space where you can discuss and share goals openly

Its super-easy to search for goal-focused events on the following platforms: Eventbrite, Meetups & Facebook

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