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The past week saw the first ever event connected to The Palm Podcast; it was a great success with connection, honesty and inspiration overflowing. The event itself was a fluke, something that was set in stone once the wonderful team at Campfire Shoreditch agreed to be a venue sponsor and from that moment on I tried my best to take it one step at a time. Just like the podcast itself was a journey that begun one step at a time as below:

  1. Step: Share the mission

  2. Step: Invite others to join

  3. Step: Record

  4. Step: Edit

  5. Step: Release

  6. Step: Share

Each it’s own step, each something that I repeated and repeated, never getting too carried away with the 32rd step along the road but the one in front of me at each moment. These steps are of course in the context of the podcast but true of any project and endeavour we all set out to do, that’s why we use task-lists and productivity apps and love a listicle with “7 steps to..{insert your thing}”.

Steps are great because you always have the sensation of movement and progress without getting wrapped up in the big picture especially as a big picture does not have the “how-to” or the very real things.The big picture is what you see on Instagram, but the steps are what you find out from the person.The big picture is wedding photo but the steps are the conversations, challenges and commitments before that day.The big picture is the degree certificate but the steps are the modules, fought procrastination and chapters you inhaled and exhaled each semester. You see you can’t have the big picture without the steps, and when you get the big picture you realise it was about the steps all along. So this week, I hope your steps bring you fulfillment, I hope step 32 does not cloud your mind and that if you are a multi-woman trying to climb steps 12 at a time you’ll believe me when I say that although it sometimes feels like it’s not, it is enough to get you to where you want to go.

p.s. if you want to whittle that 32 down to 1 inside coaching discovery call book here.

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